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Most common breastfeeding related queries answered. How to understand if baby is getting enough, Latch,  Positioning, Expressing Breast Milk etc. 

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"Oh that's okay, I have received
too much breastfeeding support
already," said no mother ever.

Breastfeeding Support for Indian Mothers (BSIM) is a peer to peer support group for breastfeeding parents, their partners and family members.

The Facebook Support group which has 1,25,000+ members is where members and team members help breastfeeding parents with breastfeeding queries 24X7. These members are at various stages of their breastfeeding journey, ranging from pregnant to those with older children following natural term nursing. Even though the group is primarily targeted towards Indians, we do have members who are from various countries and cities across the world. 

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​​​Mission: Maternal and Infant Health Improvement through Knowledge Sharing, Training, Support and Advocacy.
Vision: A world where women are empowered with information and support to optimally nourish their child(ren) resulting in healthier families.

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