Breastfeeding Support for Indian mothers

Breastfeeding Support for Indian Mothers(BSIM) is a peer to peer support group for breastfeeding parents, their partners and family members. 

Breastfeeding Support for Indian Mothers (BSIM) was founded in the June 2013 by Adhunika Prakash (who is now a certified Lactation Educator and Counsellor) with the intention of empowering breastfeeding parents with information. Initially, it was a Pune based Facebook group, but as the number of members from across the country increased, the group was renamed and target audience was widened. 

 The Facebook Support group which has more than 78,000 members is where members, peer counsellors (PCs), moderators and admins help breastfeeding parents with breastfeeding queries 24X7 for no monetary benefit. These members are at various stages of their breastfeeding journey, ranging from pregnant to those with older children following natural term nursing. Even though the group is primarily targeted towards Indians, we do have members who are from various countries and cities across the world. 

Some members have been inspired by the group to get professionally trained in the area of Lactation.

We have some medical professionals on the group as well that wish to get educated about breastfeeding. 

There is a wealth of information available on the Facebook group for the breastfeeding parent in different phases of pregnancy to those that wish to feed their child until the child self weans.
BSIM strongly believes that most parents do the best they can for their children based on the information and support available to them, and therefore we limit ourselves to being information providers. 

 We welcome members from diverse parenting philosophies and abstain from telling parents how to parent their child. Our goal is to provide information and leave the decision making to the parents themselves.

 Even though BSIM started off as an online community, we are gradually increasing our offline presence. We have held meet-ups in 12 cities across 3 countries​. With time, we hope to increase our offline presence in more cities, and empower more women.

About Us

Our Facebook Group Team comprises of:
Admins: Chetana Ajit, Lata Chauhan, Neha Gera Chawla, Nisha Srinivasan, Madhu Panda, Parigna Pandya Shah and Adhunika Prakash
Breastfeeding Support for Moms of Multiples (BSMMI) Admins and Moderators: Shruti Kanchan, Sangeeta Anand Shenoy, Naina Kodwani Navlani, Pavi Muralidhar and Ramneek Nitesh Gupta
Moderators: ​​ Amudhavani Sivanandam, Anagha Narasimhan, Bhargavi Vishwanathan, Bhavna Singh Arora, Dia Jadwani, Dilraz AR Kunnummal, Priya Sundeep Baghel, Raksha Raghavan,Sangeeta Anand Shenoy,  Sanyukta Bardhan, Shruti Kanchan, Shyamala Sathiaseelan, Sneha Dutta Rohra and Wahida Satish Kumar
Peer Counsellors: ​​Aiswarya Deepak Kannan, Antra Puri, Aparna Aneesh Kumar, Dipti Shah, Harini Ramnath, Himani, Kalpita Dow, Kanimozhi Senthamarai Kannan, Naina Kodwani Navlani, Niranjana Shankar, Priyadharshini Devnath, Ramneek Nitesh Gupta, Richa Walia Tanna, Saloni Singh Bopardikar, Samvidha Sinha, Shreya Krishnan, Sreeja Vibhu Nair, Suchitra Krishnamurthy, Swati Jagdish, Tina Paul and Vidya Rao.