Breastfeeding Support for Indian mothers


Kochi BSIM Flashmob

Date/ Time: 6th August 2016 between 6 PM - 6.30 PM IST
Venue: Lulu Mall


BSIM Big Latch-On

Date/ Time: 6th August 2016 between 10:30 AM - 11:30 AM IST
Venue: Kavanah 373, Road 10. Jawahar Colony, Jubilee Hills​


Bengaluru BSIM WBW Big Latch On
Date/ Time: 6th August 2016 between 10:15 AM - 10:45 AM IST
Venue: South Bangalore based Hospital

Breastfeeding Awareness Talk  by BSIM LC :
Date/ Time: 6th August 2016 from 11 AM IST

Venue: South Bangalore based hospital 

Bengaluru Inter-College Essay Writing Competition:
Theme: "Breastfeeding: A Key TO SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT"
Last Date of submission: AUG 5th 2016 

Email submissions to:
Participants: Students of Medical, Nursing and Dental Colleges in Bengaluru

Gift Voucher for the Winner: 1000 INR

Bengaluru Breastfeeding Awareness walk
Date/ Time: 7th August 2016 between 5 PM - 6 PM IST
Venue: M.G Road


BSIM Meet Up & Awareness Program
Date/ Time: 6th August 2016 between 4 PM - 6 PM IST
Venue: Club Harmonia, Margoa



​​Coimbatore BSIM Latch on
Date/ Time: 1st August 2016 between 10 AM - 11 AM IST
Venue: Coimbatore Child Trust Hospital

BF Awareness Session for Paediatricians
Date/ Time: 2nd August 2016 between 8:30 AM - 9:30 AM IST
Venue: GKNM Hospital

Breaking Myths of Breastfeeding for the Next Generation
Date/ Time: 2nd August 2016 between 10:30 AM - 12 PM IST
Venue: Krishnammal college

BF Awareness Session for Paediatricians
Date/ Time: 3rd August 2016 between 2 PM - 3 PM IST
Venue: Online Conference

Breastfeeding Awareness Session with Gynaecologist
Date/ Time: 4th August 2016 from 8.30 AM 
Venue: GKNM Hospital

Breastfeeding Myths and Demystifying 
Date/ Time: 4th August 2016 between 10 AM - 11 AM
Venue: Ramakrishna Hospital

Parenting and Breastfeeding - Corporate Session
Date/ Time: 4th August 2016 between 4 PM - 5.30 PM
Venue: VWR, Eechanaari

Coimbatore BSIM Latch On
Date/ Time: 4th August 2016 between 10 AM - 11 AM IST
Venue: Coimbatore Children's Hospital

Breastfeeding Myths and Demystifying them 
Date/ Time: 5th August 2016 between 3 PM - 4 PM
Venue: Masonic Center for children

Dance-Interaction and Experience Sharing
Date/ Time: 7th August 2016 between 5 PM - 7 PM
Venue: Brookfield mall


BSIM WBW Breastfeeding Awareness Talk

Date/ Time: 6th August 2016 between 11 AM - 12 PM IST
Venue: Child Trust Hospital, Nungambakam

BSIM WBW Breastfeeding Awareness Walk
Date/ Time: 7th August 2016 between 7 AM - 8 AM IST
Venue: Besant Nagar Beach

Past Events


BSIM WBW Breastfeeding Awareness Walk

Date/ Time: 6th August 2016 between 4 PM - 5 PM IST
Venue: Kids Ahoy, E Square

Bengaluru BSIM Meetups 2015-2016:
October 2015 BSIM Meetup: Hosted by Charu on 10-Oct-15at HAL 

Nov 2015 BSIM Meetup: Hosted by Sapna Krishnan on 14-Nov-15 at RT Nagar 

Dec 2015 BSIM Meetup: Hosted by Kritika Manas on 12-Dec-15 at Basavangudi 

Jan 2016 BSIM Meetup: Hosted by Sanyukta Bardhan on 9-Jan-16 at Whitefield 

Mar 2016 BSIM Meetup: Hosted by Dhannya Sreekumar on 12-Mar-16 at Koramangala 

April 2016 BSIM On Meetup: Hosted by Charu on 9-Apr-16 at Cubbon Park 

May 2016 BSIM Meetup: Hosted by Ashwini Gautam on 14-May-16 at Sarjapur

BSIM 3rd foundation day

Bengaluru Babywearing FlashMob Dance - June 5th 2016:

At Garuda mall on June 5th 2016 by a group of 30 mothers

Bengaluru Big LatchOn, WBW, Aug 2015:
On Aug 2nd 2015 at 10.30am in Cubbon Park by BSIM members Dhanya, Chetana, Meena Menon, Chinmayie bhat, Sudeepti Kodali, Prarthana G