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Frequently Asked Question 1: I wish to wean off formula, how do I go about it? What is the formula top up trap?


Lots of mothers are told that they need to give Artificial Baby Milk (ABM), until the breastfeeding relationship gets established. But in reality, giving ABM comes in the way of establishing breastfeeding. 

If the medical professional that you consult has recommended that you start ABM, please read this link before you introduce formula:

Once a bottle of ABM is introduced, baby goes longer without a feed (since ABM is more difficult to digest). This causes lesser stimulation at the breast, which in turn gives a signal to the brain to produce lesser milk. When this happens, the care givers often increase the ABM intake. This is called the formula top up trap. 
Plus, the flow of the milk is faster from the bottle, so the baby could get lazy at the breast. This is called nipple confusion. 

If you wish you go back to the breast, it is possible, but it'll be a lot of work. 
If your baby is receiving a little ABM, you can go on a nursing vacation, which means you stay skin to skin with the baby and keep nursing almost all day. It'll feel counter productive initially, but within 3-4 days you will see the difference. 

Alternatively, if your baby is having several feeds of ABM, you can drop feeds gradually, in which case, this link will be useful:

More about nursing vacation here:

When using a bottle, make sure you use slow flow nipples and follow paced bottle feeding. Link here:

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