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How to attain a deep latch?

In order to get milk from the breast, the baby must latch onto the breast. The word “latch” describes the way a baby takes the breast into his/her mouth. The better the latch, the more easily the baby gets mother’s milk. The following “deep latch technique” can help your baby feed more easily. It can also prevent damaged and sore nipples.
Remember: It’s not supposed to hurt to breastfeed. Sore nipples almost always mean your baby needs to be latched on more deeply.

A well-attached baby will be able to effectively stimulate the breasts and get the milk flowing. If the mother has no pain, the baby is fed on cue or on-demand and is getting enough, then the latch usually is fine.
Sometimes, the mother has pain on her nipples either during and/or after feeding. This is usually indicative of a shallow latch. In such scenarios, trying different positions and techniques to latch the baby can help. A deep latch or an asymmetrical latch can be achieved by positioning your baby’s mouth off centre, a little lower than your nipple, such that the tip of your nipple is in the level of the space between the nose and the upper lip. Encourage your baby to open her mouth wide by tickling that space with your nipple. Get your baby on to the breast once she opens her mouth wide. If you have been working with your baby on correcting her latch, you may want to watch out for the following signs to ensure that her latch is fine.

To achieve a Deep Latch
When latching your baby on, hold him in close against your body, with his ear, shoulder, and hip in a straight line. Align baby’s nose with your nipple. Pull back on your breast tissue to make it easier for hwr to latch on. Tickle baby’s lips with nipple and wait for baby to open wide(like a yawn). Then latch her on, assuring that baby has bypassed the nipple and is far back on the areola. The resulting latch should be off-center — deeper on the bottom (more breast taken in on the chin side than the nose side). Baby’s nose should be touching (but not buried in) the breast, and his lower lips should be flared out like “fish lips”.

This Video here has a good demonstration for your reference
Correct Latch
Shallow Latch

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