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Camilla Conti Singh

IBCLC, Certified Child Birth Educator
Practicing Since:
Rs. 1800/-
Spoken Language:
English, Hindi, Italian, basic Punjabi

Personal Experience

Recurring Engorgements, Mastitis, Colics and Reflux, Torticollis, Tight Frenulum, Alimentary Intolerances, Fussy Baby, Slow Growth, Breastfeeding through Pregnancy, Tandem Nursing Kids of Different Age, Natural Term Weaning.

Professional Expertise

All kinds of difficult Breastfeeding Situations, Including: Latch and Milk Transfer Issues, Sucking Dysfunctions, Tongue and Lip Ties, Nipple and Breast Conditions, Slow Weight Gain, Low Supply, Prematurity and Postmaturity, Transitioning from Bottle Feeding to Breastfeeding and Weaning Off Formula, Babies Refusing Breast, Gentle Assisted Weaning and Emergency Weaning; Adoptive Breastfeeding; Relactation; Breastfeeding and Medications; Mild to Severe Maternal and Infant Health or Anatomical Conditions and Different Abilities; Breastfeeding After Birth Trauma; Mother-infant Separation; Individualised Antenatal Guidance.

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