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A peer to peer support group for breastfeeding parents, their partners and family members Breastfeeding Support for Indian Mothers Learn More A movement for breastfeeding parents by breastfeeding parents Breastfeeding Support for Indian Mothers Learn More Empowers women by enabling them to take informed decisions about breastfeeding Breastfeeding Support for Indian Mothers Learn More
Breastfeeding Information

Here is a collated list of Frequently asked Breastfeeding Topics.

Alcohol Consumption while Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding women are often given conflicting advice about consuming alcohol. While there is a strong recommendation against consuming alcohol during pregnancy, there is still a lot of scope for research to be done on the effects of alcohol consumption by the mother on the baby while breastfeeding.

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Baby Sleep

Nursing to sleep is a biological norm, Your child is wired to do so. Any time spent at the breast helps build your supply and gives your child immunities through your milk. The breast is your child's safe place where they feel warm and secure. It is normal for a child to fall asleep at the breast. Suckling, the closeness, the warmth, the hormones in milk, are all conducive to falling asleep. It is developmentally appropriate. She will outgrow the need as she grows. Also a child would know that different people who care for them do so differently. When with you, She expects to fall asleep at the breast while when with the dad, she will find an alternative: rocking, cuddling, snuggling, singing, carrying etc. Trust your child and your husband/family/caretakers to find what works for them.

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Breastfeeding with Abscess

A breast abscess is not very common, but can affect some breastfeeding women. Generally, when a breastfeeding woman faces a blocked duct which is not addressed, it could develop into mastitis. When mastitis is not treated in time, there's a high possibility of infection that contains pus. This is a breast abscess which is very painful.

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Breastfeeding and Dental Issues

A lot of women are advised to stop breastfeeding on the pretext of breast milk leading to tooth decay and dental cavities. If we talk about India, the vast majority don't go to dentists for routine checkups. Thus, the interesting thing is that - the women who are advised to stop breastfeeding, are the ones who visit dentists for the poor dental health of their babies. There are plenty of other breastfeeding women who don't take their babies to visit a dentist because their babies do not have any dental issues. This observation, at the least, indicates that breastfeeding is not a sureshot reason to cause dental issues. Because if it was, every baby would need dental treatment.

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About BSIM

“Oh that’s okay, I have received too much breastfeeding support already,” said no mother ever.

Breastfeeding Support for Indian Mothers (BSIM) is a peer to peer support group for breastfeeding parents, their partners and family members.

The Facebook Support group which has 1,25,000+ members is where members and team members help breastfeeding parents with breastfeeding queries 24X7. These members are at various stages of their breastfeeding journey, ranging from pregnant to those with older children following natural term nursing. Even though the group is primarily targeted towards Indians, we do have members who are from various countries and cities across the world.

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Some Fascinating Facts about Breast Feeding

Alive food

Breast milk is alive food and changes its composition as per baby’s requirements.

Skin to skin

Skin to skin with the baby boosts the milk supply of the mother.

Lower prevalence of Osteoporosis

Women who have breastfed have significantly lower prevalence of osteoporosis than women who haven’t.

Decreased Risk of Cancer

Breastfeeding leads to decreased risk of breast, ovarian and uterine cancers in the mother.



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