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Sameera Reddy

Actor and BSIM Member who is feeding her about to be 2 year old

".....There is no reason to shame them or make them feel any pressure in not being able to BF. we need to support all mothers and show love and respect. To all mommies- we are doing our best . So let’s celebrate that.
There is fantastic support group of mothers On Facebook that I recommend "

Santhy George

BSIM member who is feeding her 6 yr old

"When Adhunika Prakash started BSIM in June 2013, I don't think she had any idea what an immeasurable blessing the group would turn out to be for thousands of women and their families. I was already nursing an older child when I joined the group a couple of years ago, and though I was confident about my decision to let her self-wean, it was discouraging to be faced with criticism from many quarters. BSIM changed that by connecting me with a wonderful community of like-minded mothers. It is one of the few spaces where I feel supported and encouraged, as I continue to nurse my 6 yr old. Nursing a 6 yr old might sound too extreme to many people, but it used to be the norm just a generation or two ago. Unfortunately, allowing your child to self-wean is frowned upon now and even mothers who wish to continue are bullied into weaning. BSIM is helping spread the word about the benefits of breastfeeding, and is supporting and educating young mothers across the world. I am immensely proud to be a part of this inspiring community."

​Dhanya MA

Organising Committee of Bengaluru chapter of BSIM

“Joining BSIM is the best thing I did for my children. The encouragement to go baby-led, be it for extended breastfeeding, understanding the nuances of feeding, parenting my children or be it to learn how my baby enjoys being worn, has instilled in me the confidence to know what I am doing is right. I joined this group when my younger kid was a few months old and I realized that I was not the only one struggling with breastfeeding, inspite of being a second time mom. The extensive information and guidance that the group provided has encouraged me to go beyond socially accepted norms and nurse my baby in public without embarrassment, benefit and continue nursing at 3 years of age. While I knew it is recommended to breastfeed till 2 years, I did not know that kids will self-wean if allowed. Unlike the usual perception, nursing did not make my kid 'clingy'. This group has led me to believe that following my child's cues, is making her independent, because her need to feel safe and secure is fulfilled by nursing and babywearing. I am certain many more parents would benefit from this group."

Sushma Shetty

Member of BSIM

"BSIM provided me great support during my initial days of breastfeeding. It was great to have a network where we can discuss the breastfeeding issues and help each other.I had to join work when my baby was 5 months old and I was really skeptical about continuing my breastfeeding journey once I started office because ours was not a very women friendly company.I spoke with my HR and helped set up a pumping room in my organization which would help other mothers in the future. The group really motivated me to do so and I exclusively breastfed my baby till 6.5 months and I'm feeding her even now at 2.2 years while maintaining a full time job. I'm really thankful for the group n the group members for encouraging us all and provide what's best for the baby."

Sapna Krishnan

Organising Committee of Bengaluru chapter of BSIM

“I’ve heard too many stories of sleepless nights, biting babies, long nursing hours and much more that 6 months was my breastfeeding deadline, even before the baby had stepped into this world. It was during one of those long nursing hours that I had stumbled upon the BSIM group while browsing on Facebook. The posts on the group showed how most new mothers were facing the same issues and were giving up. What brought tears and motivation was how Adhunika, the admin team and all the other experienced members were putting in their efforts to help every member make an informed decision.
It's not easy for a new mother when she's trying to get a grip of things and is surrounded by a lot of misinformed people. Like me, I'm sure a lot of members are thanking Adhunika and blessing her for starting this group. She has a heart of gold.
Thanks to BSIM, we are still going strong at 19 months and this beautiful journey will end only when my princess decides so."