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Terms & Conditions:

  • Payment once made shall be non-refundable.
  • The consultation will be online and therefore, will have the limitations of the medium.
  • One transaction will be for one consult only
  • The consult duration would be anywhere between 30 mins to 60 mins depending on the criticality of your situation
  • Please allow at least 3 working days for us to match you with an LC who can support you.
  • BSIM Team may recommend an LC for you based on the issue submitted in the form to support you better. This may be different from the Lactation Consultant you select. In this case, your first payment will be refunded and you will be asked to make a payment for the LC recommended to you.
  • Once the individual has been matched with the LC, the consultation should take place within 10 working days.
  • There is a possibility that some mothers may need more than one or even two consults in some cases. The cost of the second or any more consults will be based on the Lactation Consultant who will need to support you. This would be like when a person needs to see a general physician versus a specialist.
  • Some of our LCs are mothers with young babies, there might be some interruptions from their babies during the calls. It is to be expected and accepted.
  • Consults shall take place from Mondays to Fridays 7 excluding public holidays between 10 AM to 6 PM IST.

Medical Disclaimer:

The advice suggested by the Lactation Consultant(s) are their own. To accept and to act on those is at the sole discretion of the individual who is seeking support. In no way should the advice given shall replace a medical diagnosis or advice from a qualified professional. If that happened, t’s at the sole discretion of the individual who chooses to do that. BSIM will not be held responsible or liable for any consequences.