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Did you know....

  1. Saliva Backwash : Baby’s saliva, when comes in contact with the mother’s nipple (through direct breastfeeding), interacts with and sends signals to the mother’s brain which helps customizing the milk.
  2. Breasts are not warehouses that store milk. They are like factories that constantly make milk, even as the baby feeds.
  3. Most mothers make more milk than what their baby needs in the initial days.
  4. Each year of breastfeeding amounts to 4.3% reduction in the risk of invasive breast cancer.
  5. Milk production begins during pregnancy. So,no matter the type of birth, the mother already has the milk to feed her baby after birth.
  6. Colostrum is produced in less quantities to match the baby’s stomach size and capacity which is also very small.
  7. Mother’s milk becomes more watery (yet dense in nutrition) during extremely hot weather. This helps keep the baby well-hydrated.
  8. Pain while breastfeeding is not normal. It indicates a need to rectify/improve the latch.
  9. Breast milk contains active components that kill the decay-causing bacteria. In other words, breast milk provides protection against dental decay.
  10. Direct breastfeeding is the most sustainable way to feed babies. It is free of material cost, requires no preparation, provides complete nutrition to the baby and is the safest (germ-free / sterile) method to feed a baby. On top of everything, it is also beneficial for the mother.