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The faq articles are intended as a source of basic information and an extension of support from breastfeeding parents to breastfeeding parents. It does not claim to replace any medical advice.
* medical disclaimer: the advice suggested by the lactation consultants/stanpan saathis/webinar hosts are their own. To accept and to act on those is at the sole discretion of the individual who is seeking support. In no way should the advice given replace a medical diagnosis or advice from a qualified professional. If that happens, it’s at the sole discretion of the individual who chooses to do that. Bsim will not be held responsible or liable for any consequences.

We understand and acknowledge that parents and babies can be of various genders on a spectrum of the lgbtiqa+. Families come in diverse flavours. However, in our articles, for the sake of simplicity and convenience, we will be referring to the breastfeeding parent as the mother and using the female pronouns- ‘she’ and ‘her’ for babies. Babies can be nourished and nurtured in different ways and while we have used the terms breastfeeding and nursing, we recognize that parents can opt to chest feed or finger feed.

We don’t have conflicts of interests and declare and we are compliant with the who code of marketing of breastmilk substitutes and the ims act.