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Help at hand for new moms

Many Bengaluru support groups are stepping up to help women suffering from postpartum depression (PPD). The spotlight is on the condition yet again.

Around 10% of the members of Breastfeeding Support for Indian Women (BSIM) are from Bengaluru.

Adhunika Prakash, the founder of BSIM, says, “Whenever we see a member excessively worried, we advise her to invest time in herself and approach a professional for help.” Having gone through the phase herself, Adhunika shares her stories with members. “Especially since the pandemic set in, things have been worse. There are long periods where mothers are confined at home,” she says. The group’s website features articles on postpartum depression and self-care.

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Adhunika Prakash's Journey To Break Taboos Around Breastfeeding

Adhunika Prakash is the founder of the community and author of Breast Potion. She joined a community of mothers that talked in length on the subject of breastfeeding. The BSIM community shatters the misconceptions and myths around breastfeeding every day. They bring lactation experts and paediatricians on board and conduct webinars to educate women. Struggling new mothers can directly connect with the community through their social media pages and website.

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Yet another mention of our founder Adhunika Prakash and the great work she does. She is the founder of the BSIM Facebook community and author of Breast Potion. Read the complete article here:

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Support groups connect new moms with experts

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