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Why does my baby throw up after feeds?

Firstly assess if the baby is Spitting up milk or if it is a Projectile vomiting.

In case of a projectile vomiting, it is best to see your paediatrician as soon as possible

In case of spit- ups – Every baby seems to have a different definition of “normal” when it comes to spitting up, but all babies eventually grow out of it as they mature. As long as spitting up or vomiting doesn’t interfere with breastfeeding (baby refusing) and is causing weight loss, then it’s usually just a matter of time before the habit eases.

Spit ups as alarming as it seems it is pretty common for babies to have it as their digestive system is still developing. Babies often spit up when they get too much milk too fast. This may happen when baby feeds very quickly or aggressively, or when mom’s breasts are overfull.
assess if you have a fast letdown of milk?
If baby has a shallow latch?
Try reducing your dairy in take and see if it helps
In case you are consuming any herbs try cutting and see if spit ups stop or lessens.